Kid using hacks on Ireland Server

Hello everyone, me and another players will report this kid yesterday at Twitter but he still playing anyways. I don’t know why the official servers doesn’t have Admins, but WE NEED IT! This guy has been playing (and fucking our game experiencie) from the last 5 days, he are changing her name everyday, but i have her steam profile: Steam Profile
The first day we met him her name was “Jeasus”, after was “Spud” and now is “Lachann”. He have like 10-14 years old (with a really irritant voice kid), lives close to the Death Star (specifically he lives at 10m away from my house… so i can’t play) have Teleport, Flying and Aimbot hacks, and probably it’s inmortal (We hit her head with an arrow and he stills alive flying and laughing). He only needs your name to appear close to you flying and shooting u, we need help!!

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread, didn't read the stickied thread" - postal))

Not that this thread will do anything for you, but I wanted to give you a tip when you post a profile. Use their permalink instead of their customizable url. If their custom URL changes, then linking the old one is useless. Now no one knows who you’re talking about, and makes this thread more useless than it already was.