Kiddj at his prime

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lol, wtf.

Oh god his face made me laugh.

I lol’d at last frame.



Wtf is this o.o, MSPAINT=sucks D:

Ahaha, humor makes up for all of the other faults.

Ain’t that true with all the kids these day. :V

Beware the god of noclip. He might strike you down. Was a bit funny though.

Uh…can you tell me what’s going on here? :lol:

good job making it not funny anymore

This…goddamn owns.

I’m sure this would be much funnier if I had any idea at all what the reference was…

You’re all dumb

haha I actually lol’d

I actually laughed at this one.

Whoever said you needed quality to be funny was wrong.

now this is a good comic