Kidnapping enemy documents

probably your best yet, but there should be more people chasing him

I agree, this is probably the best one yet. I understand your Russian and English is not your native language, but I don’t believe the right term would be kidnapping. It usually applies to taking people or any other living thing.

Maybe you should add some eyes to them?

Heavy’s posing needs work.

i like to kidnap papers to.

Thank you! I’ll add eyes to them!

Did you forget to get the right team color for the Baseball Helmet? You gotta make sure of that. Anyways, the RED Team’s posing seems a bit wonky, but it’s excellent, nevertheless.

Wow! I really forget this!

Damn Danik, are you getting good. Anyways, I’d suggest getting the “colorless hats” or whatever mod on It makes hats grayscale so they can be whatever color you color them. :V Super useful tool.

Link please.
P.S. don’t work now