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Hurry before spots are filled!

What’s the payment? Also, you should probably put this on the hire thread.

About $5 a month if your good, depends on the earnings…

5$ a month? Your kidding right?

I pay what we make, i pay 20% of monthly earnings

Hopefully if I save up my $5 salary for 12 months , I can afford a full tank of gas for my car!

You don’t seem to realise how much 5$ a month is, it’s absoloutely nothing; most coders would probably charge this much to set something up or to make a simple chat command or something. I doubt spaces will fill up any time soon.

If you apply and you turn out to be a friendly person and we get the server on a roll, we can 50/50 it…

Why would somebody take some much risk, and work for essentially free so that you can boss them around and then possibly earn 50% of what’s left after the servers are paid for.

server is already paid off for 2-3 months

But what then? What happens when you need to start paying £30-£35 a month for web hosting a server, and then if you get more servers it could easily rise to about £80-£150 a month. If you really need something done, you will have to pay per-project like everybody else; nobody will code for free/admin/donations as it’s easier too risky or the ‘reward’ actually involves more work and responsibility.

I wont get more till we get more donations… this includes web page, if the server grows then its good

I could work at a Fast Food Restaurant and earn alot more than this

No offense but $5 a month is just way too low

It probably won’t grow, about 29 in 30 servers usually shut down in a few months, and about 20 in 30 shut down within their first month or second month.

That’s alot of risk just so that somebody else can take 50% of effectively, all you’re work.

If your willing to work with me then please quit posting… I want real people interested

I’m trying to tell you it’s pointless, think for one second:

Why would a coder work really hard so they can be second rate in the community that will shut down within a few months, then, some guy who is doing but come up with shit ideas takes all of the credit and half of the donations.

Just code on your own, you will never find a coder willing to do it for free.

I’m working at the local grocery store, and I get 12 USD an hour for scan stinky wares in.

  • Seriously, 5 dollars is what you MIGHT be able to make on a month in the Third World.

I really want to buy a sandwich, soda, and a bag of chips but my current \ salary of 5 dollars can’t pay for it. Darn better wait until next month ahahaha

If you want to run a successful community, you have to provide an investment, it’s not optional. Deal with it and go pay a coder for something.

it’s okay guys with this job we can afford to eat