Kill and win points for murder using pointshop

I’m coding for a murder server and when the murder kill a bystander, him get 50 points and when a bystander kill the murder, the bystander who kill the murder get 25 points, I know that exist in TTT. Please I need you’r help and thanks you for read and if you help me. :slight_smile:

So if you are coding for it, why don’t you do it?
Give me a link to the gamemode, otherwhise nobody can help you

He’s just asking for coding help. That’s what this forum’s meant to be for. I don’t think you need the whole gamemode just to answer such a short simple question.

In relation to your question, this might help.

Yes MPan1 I have this code but I don’t know what I need modifie for this code work in gamemode murder.

There’s code you can use in the thread MPan1 linked to.

txike this code don’t work in the gamemode murder and I don’t know what I need modifie for him work with the gamemode murder ^^’.

If you can’t be bothered to change a couple of lines then you should check out gmodstore.

I can but can you tell me what I need change in this code for that work in the gamemode murder?

Don’t expect from us to code this for you :v
That’s all