Kill assist

Can someone help me please with making a kill assist system. I think i have a idea on how it works but i am abit stuck, will i have to create a table for the victim containing the last player to attack and the current attacker then send the data to the death notice? if so is there any chance for a example because i am not so good with tables.

Edit: What i meant to say was how would i go about adding the damage recieved and the attacker who did the damage to a table and later checking to see which attacker did the most damage, i know how to create a table but what would the structure of the table need to be like(eg. DamageRecieved[“attackers name”] = 100) and i have no idea at all how to check which is the highest damage out of the table.

I was told by someone that there was a topic on here about kill assists which had a post that explains how to do it but i can’t find it, can someone who knows what was posted repost it here please.

Edit2: nvm, i have done it all myself which took about 2-3 days.