Kill Breen - Antlion Farm Beta I

Hi there!

I got sick of all the lame kill breen’s made using the props in Gmod, So I used hammer to make a good(ish) one.
Its my first ever attempt at a mod so be nice?

goal is simple, reach breen, kill him

you start in a blocked up barn-like house and once you get out, you find out your on a small farm infested with antlions, theres a small weapons cache above a little shack to one side of the map. Pressing the button to trigger the cache leaves you open to attack, and the cache takes a while to reach you.
Once you get it (Or give up and continue) you just have to find breen and kill him, easy yes?

Please give constructive criticism or report bugs! Its my first mapping attempt ever

some pictures might help.

Will get now :]

Fullbright, blocky.
I guess this is your first map?
Never post your first map.

Judging by that single picture on, it looks blocky, fullbright, and boring.
Work on your layout, lightning, and texture placement.


Blocky, repetetive textures, fullbright… but atleast you have a big-ish scale map, which takes sometime to work at to get better, but if you keep trying you’ll eventually get better.

It actually isnt horrible for a first map. But for the outside add a light_environment, and on the inside buildings (if you want, use a prop_static and a light_spot or just light). And learn to use the multi-texture tool. Just click the texture tool (the rubix cube thing), and go into the 3D view and select a face on a brush, then browse for another texture. Definetely change the ceiling texture, and use some other textures that don’t repeat badly. Otherwise, for a first map, definetely ok.

Is that concrete… Floating?

Why yes I think it is O.o

Perhaps you’ll find this useful.

fullbright map #3425

fullbright post in this thread #6
… I get it

Here. You might want to read that to get a better idea on what to do and what not to do. Looks good for a first map, but it’s no where near complete.

Ahahah, Depends on if it’s actually worth posting.

Way more than that. There are well over 15k-20k maps from Source in existence, most are shit.

Not really, because no matter how good it is, their second map will always be better.

Actually no, it doesn’t have to be. Just because it is their first map doesn’t mean they will put more effort into their second. It’s probable but not something definite.

Im sorry to say this, but your map is far from good.