Kill Breen map.

Hello folks.

I was thinking about making a generic underground kill Breen type map. It would basically follow a linear route, have spaces and ledges for combine set-ups, different possible routes, etc.

Anyone interested in seeing something like this done? I love kill-breens, but all of the ones I’ve seen are done on a map that was already made with NP cargo crates outlining the course.

Cool idea, but wheres the content?

Its not a WIP thread, its a question if people would want to see the map made. (or is it?)

Yeah, I’m just putting a feeler out to see if anyone thinks this would be a cool map.

its a cool concept, but i just see someone making a tall and thin hallway with a few turns and all in fullbright. Could use some visuals to complete the feel of the map.

I’ll try and whip a small something up.

Also the entire point of this for me personally would be a bit of practice with detailing, optimization, soundscapes and I/O commands.

I think this is an awesome idea. But I see the same thing that “Richard Simmons” does. Maybe instead of fullbright, add some light and some prop_static and give them like a spark entity. If you understand me right. But in general, I think it is a very good idea for a map!

This could be a ver interesting idea for a map. I’m not really interested in the killing breen part, but I’d like to see what you end up doing for the pathway towards it. Will it be dull and blocky? Or have nice atmosphere and detail? I hope to see what you do.

Good luck on this project if you decide to take it up.

if you want to do some testing, go do some testing. if you want to learn something, and then release it… atleast make it look good.

I wouldn’t release something if I didn’t put enough effort into it to make it look nice.

Well with the quality of some of the maps here you gotta understand why he said that. :v:

But I suppose I’d like to see a good kill Breen map.

Do it bitch.
It’d be a cool concept. Make it worth my time and not boring. Make some puzzles.

Now I just pictured him taking gm_construct and adding the NP cargo crate props into the map to make it kill breen.
Naw I know you’re better than that

I have only seen one good kill Breen map so far.

change that son.

Give it a Pripyat atmosphere. Make it remind us all of COD4. I know I would play it then!

Wow, where did you get .sav to .bsp plugin?

He doesn’t have one.

Hes making a map from scratch.

The whole of HL2 is basically one long kill breen map, so obviously it can be done well.

There is like no good maps like this.

Dr Pepper hates Half-Life 2 :crossarms: