kill counter ~ dynamic display

i have my map set to count how many of an npc you kill.
now how can i have it display the number it gets (i have seen it done in the map os_antlion_seige)

Care to post content?

i just thought my words were enough to get an answer

you happy now?

I think he was talking about uploading the map… Not… uh. Posting a picture of the subject…

thanks for telling us about this.

There’s no need to be a jerk off about it, that’s not the way to go around asking for help.

It’s easily achievable in lua if you’re planning on hosting this on a server.

Oh look, os_antlion_siege. I made that.

Basically each line of relays represent a number. The lowest is the one’s, the next is 10’s, 100’s etc.
From right to left when triggered they make a 1, 2, 3 etc. (By enabling and disabling brushes)
The math_counter makes sure to update the 10 when the 1’s reach 10.

And yes, there is an easier way to make this, but this worked for me (It was originally a counter that I just remade into a kill counter :v:)

By using the env_texturetoggle you can get the same effect but without all of the relays and cases. I can upload it to you if you want.

if you would like to upload this, that would be super-nice
either way thank you, i understand this now
Both the texturetoggle (plus the texture I used) and brush based version is in the download.

Anyone can use it as much as they like.

I did this a while back, if this is kind of what you’re talking about (only that it’s not counting kills):