Kill icons and stuff (help me please)

I’m working on a nice cs:s swep pack, and I started with the Desert Eagle.
I have the wrong Kill Icon, which one is the Desert Eagle?

killicon.AddFont( "weapon_deagle", "CSKillIcons", SWEP.IconLetter, Color( 255, 80, 0, 255 ) )

In the corner, there is a Ak-47 kill icon :frown:

(I finally got some pics lol)

The Pulse Ammo on the side is from killing a combine soldier and getting his rifle :smiley:

I hope this helps

Best of luck

You weren’t sleeping, what is this.

I dont know if its just fail on my part (highly possible). But I found that if you try to use a different font than the CSKillIcons as well, (atleast the one I have), it only shows the outline of the weapon when you select it. And the outline is in white no matter what you set the color parameters to.

Furthermore, which base you use also affects the icon (atleast for me it did). Using a custom base led to the white outlines where as using the cs base led to proper icons.

As to the OP, your problem is here: SWEP.IconLetter. You don’t set a kill icon letter. set it to the appropriate letter from the lovely link earlier and you should be golden :slight_smile:

shrug hope this helps someone.

Edit: Why was this dumb?

i need help too , when i kill an npc with the smg i get a spawnicon error spamming me

can you post code for it and a picture of what is happening perhaps? But certainly, atleast post the code. And you may want to make your own thread. Im not sure what the rules are for hijacking, but even if its not against the rules, it isnt nice :stuck_out_tongue: