Kill icons in GM13

Is there any other kill icons available besides the HL2MPTypeDeath ones? I used to use the CSS ones but those stopped working in GM13 and I have been unable to find any information on them since GM13 went beta.
If there are, then how do I use them?

You have to create the kill icon font with the new surface.CreateFont function. Like:

surface.CreateFont( "csKillIcons",
		font      = "csd",
		size      = 48,
		weight    = 700

And you have to have the csd font in the gamemodename/content/resource/fonts folder. If you don’t have it, I uploaded it here.

Then in your swep, you have to use **[Killicon.AddFont](**. Like:

killicon.AddFont( "swep_name", "csd", "0", Color( 0, 0, 255, 255 ) )

The first parameter is for your swep’s entity name, the second is for the killicon font, the third is for which letter you want to use for your killicon, and the last is for the color you want.

Late reply, but I was able to get all the kill icons working except the C4. I know it is a Capital ‘I’ and confirmed it by looking at the .tff file but it shows up as a knife for some reason. It isn’t a major problem though.

Thanks for the help/