Kill Menu - First Lua

i made my first lua script thingy button. its a kill menu. please read description on before raging.

Never ever release your first script.

Unless it is good.

i thought it was pretty good and useful. for me at least…

Well, it’s better than a 5 second SWEP since it actually has a use. The only problem with your code is that you need to bind your ‘kill’ key to kmenu first and it does not prevent ‘kill’ to be accidentally ran as you’re saying.

erm can you explain more please?

This does not prevent you from suicide as it requires a separate console command to be run. So if you had a key bound to kill, you would have to rebind it with the new command. Which would be as easy as unbinding the key; Rendering this useless :frowning:

Good job on overriding Paint functions. Pretty good for a first script.

This was actually my first release, which I thought was pretty nice at the time. Here’s some general rules to follow on whether to release a script:

[ul][li]Has it been done before[/li][li]Can it be made in < 10 minutes[/li][/ul]

You look like you’re on your way to becoming a good Derma coder at the very least, so keep with it.

that gad menu is quite good for a first release.

Wow seriously? That was your first? How long had you been coding before you released something?

You act like it’s special, it’s not, he could of been coding a week or more before he released it (or months even!)

thats kinda the point. its like a failsafe. read description on D:<

Seriously, don’t tell him not to release it, instead tell him what he could do better. Everyone has to start somewhere. If he didn’t release this, then his next script would be considered his first, and so on. Just stop with this don’t release your first script nonsense, please?
I can guarantee you that if you help him make his first better, his next script will be better as well.

I’d suggest instead of a menu you make it so you have to do a quick double tap of the key for it to kill you.

That’s why I asked how long he had been coding before he released something.

jesus christ people cant you just say nice work and be done with it god fkin dammit. it works for me. you dont have to use it if you dont want to. gtfo. it doesnt need to be better anyway. it would be overloaded with crap and be hard to use.

If you keep acting like that I doubt people will like your stuff.

Other than this, looks nice, if you take this more seriously you may reach a good goal.

People don’t like it anyways!

I love it!

So I made a SENT that changes material of object on collide, should I release it because I’m very happy for it ?