Kill Mod For My Server

Hello Facepunch, I own a minge server where everyone can kill like crazy but I would like a mod for everyone who kills a person gets a few points, whats you get enough points you can buy stuff in a shop such as extra weps and stuff.



What do you mean NOPE? Theres no such add on? There are some point mods right?

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I was mainly wondering if theres a mod, not for someone to make one.

Golden forge, points mod, etc…

I am going to use it. Does anyone know how to make it add 3 points everytime the person gets a kill?

function GM:PlayerDeath(killer, victim)

if ValidEntity(killer) then
killer:GiveScrapMetal(30, “You got 30 scrap for killing “…victim:GetName()…”!”)


Shove that in a gamemode, and install GoldenForge, there you go.

Citrus admin mod with the points extension it comes with