Kill my Garry's mod creation

Okay in this thread one must post a image of a scene of ragdoll(s). Then someone else must take that same ragdolls, and post a image of them getting killed (hurt). Rules:

  • No porn
  • Try to think creative
  • You may edit in image editing software

So… is this a contest?

i dont get it

I’ll do them gettin’ whacked.

No, it’s just for fun. Someone post a image of a pose of ragdolls they created, then someone else takes the same ragdolls and puts them in a scene were they are killed/tortured. Oh, if you use custom models, please supply link.

what…? Whats even the point of this?

Ummm, the fun?

The fun of seeing people make your creation into an S&M freakfest!

Shouldnt OP make a contribution first?

Kill my hat wearing Boomer.

Little Ben never really forgave the people who stole his red fire truck when he was five

I will hunt down every last one of them too.


his name was robert paulsen

^He died with his Bitch Tits.


No entry

Show me what you guys got!


Gimmie a minute.

A minute turned into 5 days?

There, I killed it.

You have to use garry’s mod.