Kill/SelectIcons for Half Life 2 weapons?

I’m new to lua coding and I’m modifying someones script.
Right now its using CSS weapon kill icons and select icons.
How can I change it to be able to use all the HL2 ones. I cant find anything about the font.

[lua] SWEP.IconFont = “HL2MPTypeDeath”[/lua]

Ok Thanks. Now is there a list where I can see what letter is what symbol?


Also is that only Kill icons, not select icons? Sorry I’m very new to lua.


This is what is in the base lua file that the guns refer to

	-- This is the font that's used to draw the death icons
	surface.CreateFont("csd", ScreenScale(30), 500, true, true, "CSKillIcons")
	surface.CreateFont("csd", ScreenScale(60), 500, true, true, "CSSelectIcons")


	SWEP.IconLetter = "c"


Also this