Kill The Zombies (Gmod Music Video)

My music video for the song Kill The Zombies by Andrew Pants, made in Garry’s Mod 10 and edited in Sony Vegas 7.0.

Gamermonkey did this before, and made it A LOT better.

I’ve seen his version already, this is only my own shot at this, and you just pretty much made yourself look like an idiot out of yourself by rating this dumb just because someone already made a gmod music video for this song and you think it was a lot better than this. No offense.

Lol. Calm down man. The video isen’t very good. Keep trying

I don’t find anything funny enough to say “lol” at that everyone on facepunch always posts a negative reply to my videos no matter how hard I try. Honestly I’m asking you guys is there any of you that actually like my videos. Jesus, just because you have joined FP a long time ago before me, and got hundreds of posts, doesn’t mean you should go out like that and say “Gmonkey’s version is a LOT better”.

I could of made that within a hour.
Its obvious you spent non less than a hour on it SEEING YOU USE CONSTRUCT!
Also after watching some videos of yours on youtube, that your movies all have been done before even recently, not trying to be mean but a lot of your videos are cheap knock offs made in 5 minutes to 2 hours.

Your video

Very similar to DMGaina video, its a show down, almost in the same setting, has the same sound, same fucking gun almost, same style obviously a copy.
DMGaina video, it is a lot more work put into it, it is original (AKA he did it first)


Really… have you never seen billy mays raids gmod?

ALSO when you say you “put work” into your videos here’s a example of 10 seconds of work

Don’t make these kind of videos and expect to get recognition.

Also when I look at your youtube account and see you have 35 subscribers and you have 65 videos that are all 1 minute long also made all in THIS MONTH, and all have 50 views non break the hundreds, and they are ALL shit like this one, I saw two post worthy for this forum, and even then it was just you shooting npc’s with poorly place music and poor editing.
It boggles my mind for someone to make so many videos and still have them end up to be shit.

When you say “because you been on facepunch longer doesn’t make you better” actually no offense it actually does, seeing people who been here long have been around the block here a lot more to know what will go and what will not, you been going here for no less than a month, you are conducting things horrible, get your own ideas, don’t expect shit if you spent barley any time or work.
No offense

The editing was great. :smiley:

The concept was poor. :[

If only i could disagree with half of your post afro and agree with the other half!

Cmon, you have to admit he has a knack with timing.

First off, I didn’t put up “the bullet” on facepunch. It was only for my friends, and it was fun with greenscreening, and not something so I can jump around facepunch and say “OMG GUYS CHECK THIS OUT IM SO ORIGINAL”. Nope. It was just having fun. Heard of that? I’ve seen DMGaina’s a long time ago, and I didn’t try to make anything similiar to it. It’s just how it ended up. It was supposed to be a short movie of a .357 being fired and a close-up of a bullet flying in slow-motion. Experimenting.

Second off, I used the almost same gun? What in the world are you talking about? He used a modified Resident Evil 4 unlockable weapon. I used the regular Half-Life 2 .357. They’re both different. So get your facts right, then start criticizing on me, please.

Third off, about the WALK DON’T RUN VIDEO, I did NOT ever put it up on facepunch, and I never said i did a lot of work on that. I only put up on facepunch videos that in my opinion are the best of mine, because I understand how there’s a lot of critism on forums. It actually took me 1 minute and 17 seconds because of rendering.

Fourth off, even if people try the most, in the end they will accidently use something someone else ALREADY DID. Haven’t you noticed? When you watch a few videos including gmod, haven’t you noticed that at most there’s at least one bit from somebody’ else’s idea put in and changed at least? For a lot of people it’s really hard to make original things, but they try and change them a lot to make them look original at least.

Fifth off, about the views, a lot of people that liked my videos have left youtube because of the new updates that are annoying them so badly. Also my old account michalt441 with over 215 subscribers and 200 friends and 150 videos was suspended, and most people still don’t know my new account is only michalt441alt, so yeah.

Sixth off, I’ve seen Billy mays attacks garry’s mod, it’s not raids but attacks thank you, and I did it all solo. I only saw a few parts of it because it kind of boring to watch after a while. It’s basically a funny-styled version of GET ON THE BALL from his oxyclean commercial in gmod, even though people might not find it funny, it’s at least tried to be so.

Seventh off, what I mean about users that were on facepunch a lot longer, usually they always criticize every single little wrong thing in their videos, at least that’s what the way of their talking seems, and when I look at their own youtube videos, for example your Freak Out, I’m like “WTF, they criticize other people’s videos but they don’t do good themselves… maybe they’re just assholes?”

Eighth off, your video that was included in beholder of insanity was just basically showing clips of an NPC walking forward to a large door and between them, clips such as you using your flashlight at the same time when sparks fly down on a dark room where you put up a ragdoll to a bloody wall. Anyone can do that with a little thinking. And now you call me unoriginal? -_-

Ninth off, oh yes, I know I used construct, because I don’t actually have gmod on steam. I use non-steam garry’s mod but it doesn’t work on multiplayer, just doesn’t show any servers, and doesn’t have all the HL2 stuff and CSS stuff, so I am limited to use maps that don’t require things from CSS, and I just ran out. Besides construct is not such a bad map to make music videos, it IS overused on videos, but not bad, unless you got no life and seen thousands of gmod videos.

And final off, I am too fucking lazy to make videos that are longer than 1 to 3 minutes because my Fraps doesn’t even record sound so I’m forced to put all the effects on manually in editing, and it would take a pretty annoying time to make like a 7 minute video. I am planning to make an at least 7 minute episode of a gmod series, but it will take a long time as I want it to be actually decent for once. At the moment I will only put up short videos, deal with it.

Now, you will probably go and look around this and reply to every single mistake I have written with this, and blah blah blah about me more. But really all this is wasting both of our times. You have pointed out my mistakes. I have pointed out yours. There is totally no need to make this argument longer now. We both look like little kids by doing this. One thing I will agree with you is that I do suck at editing. I have noticed that. But I’m still a noob to gmod even though I used it for like a year now, of course, so I won’t put up any more videos into this forum. It will be better for everyone here.


Ok, I do agree with that good sir. That whole walking to the door video was really “meh”. But here’s another thing: He got it on Ray’s video. So you really can’t say how it sucks if he got somewhere with it

You know why? Because we get alot of shit from new posters that is just downright awful, and then they compain about it when we are honest.

Oh, wait

Look, you don’t have to stop posting, that’s not the thing. This is the internet. No matter where you go, your ass will get flamed for doing or making stupid shit. I realized this some 3 years ago when I posted my 2nd machinima. Then I kept practicing, dispite what everybody said. I plan to keep on going, and that’s what you should do too.



What was that “/thread” for?

jesus christ, your soo sensitive.

Falco take five ill make this /thread

It ended up similar, so it will be seen as a copy.

Both guns appear to be revolver, or belong in the revolver family.

Anything on your youtube account will be seen and will be judged, and I am glad you put more than a minute into your work!

Funny because you always end up making copy’s, THINK FOR FIVE MINUTES AND YOU MAY GET A IDEA, you openly admit you didn’t put any work into concept.

Again it boggles the mind how 35 people now you say 215 people are dumb anough to watch 30 second poorly made videos. I lose faith in humanity even more…

You still copied it, so DON’T COPY THAT FLOPPY NOR THAT VIDEO!

ITS A FUCKING VIDEO SECTION! its what its for! so we view, THEN GIVE FEED BACK… LISTEN FEED BACK, and if the videos BAD FEED BACK WILL BE… get this BAD

It got somewhere, it was more original then your videos.

On your other videos that WHERE POSTED ON THE SAME DAY AS THIS ON ON YOUTUBE have different maps, and in the video you have custom models, and addon’s, so its obvious you are able to put in maps, play on different maps, and install different models.

I use wegame, i can’t record sound, I STILL MANAGE TO MAKE 5 MINUTE LONG VIDEOS! your fucking lazy and fucking lazy people shouldn’t post their videos OR crit others!

Its not wasting time, SEE by giving you a reality check you will stop doing this shit OR improve (im root you quit) so other people don’t have to WATCH this and WASTE time with THIS
By pointing out my mistakes which their where none, you have revealed more of yours, also if you played gmod and your still a “noob” then you really SUCK with gmod, it has a very short learning curve.

Ow yeah don’t go on my youtube page and spam shit, leave it on facepunch dumbass.

No offense /thread

Err, I ended this thread scoutking, wth.

Oh /thread means no more talking the discussion is over and we should let this thread dieeeee

I know the video is really bad when it’s been removed by the user.

Jesus christ, calm the fuck down.
And welcome to facepunch…things aren’t meant to be taken seriously here.

but… I wanted to do a long rant…


But funny thing is i just realized this guy, mich was a subscriber and wanted to be friends… This makes me feel bad, and if I knew this ahead of time I wouldn’t of gone back with my rant wipe, pissed me off mich, but Ill give you some C&C anyways.

OK… don’t give up is the first thing of C&C
Third NPC’s shooting other NPC’s is a no… its not 2007 its 2009 a newer age for gmod
4th originality, no excuses.
5th post more videos I saw some good videos its all how you present, and how you deal in your thread, and making this thread and being over sensitive trigger a rant rage.
6th post the video of the gun test, but post it like this “I say DMGaina’s and wanted to give it a try and practice editing” so it doesn’t well it won’t appear like your copying him
7th You didn’t have to remove the video.

Okay now that is really harsh…

I read his youtube page and It made me feel more remorse…