I spent a while looking for one, a simple one atleast, so I’m releasing this one. Exho did most of the work, but I feel it should be released. All I really did was set screen positions and make the function and K/D Ratio part.


Fonts on macs look awful in gmod.

Source Code:

To install: Just put it in your servers lua/autorun/client folder.

VCMOD creator is a newbie now

Uh, the K/D ratio text goes slightly outside the box

I think it’s nice your making a small script repo on github. Helps people out by having things already coded and working!

Nice Job.

It showed outside on that computer I was on. On my other one it is in. I will extend it though.

Why have a media fire link when you have github? You can download zip from there as well :v:

I’m aware. Its just so people have something else to choose from.