Killed by bear while offline in the base

it’s already the second time I log off in the middle of my base and then when I log back in I see the message I’m dead, killed by a bear. I guess bears should not attack sleeping people, or anyway not be able to walk inside foundations to kill. I will try to sleep at the second floor now, but I guess has to be fixed.


Easy. Don’t log off on the ground floor of your base. Problem solved.

That said, I do agree it’s a stupid bug. It’s been here for as long as I’ve been playing Rust and it really need to be fixed. But really, the workaround is simple. Take your safety into your own hands. Don’t cry for Garry to save you. You should have figured this out after you were killed by the bear the first time, really.

Someday a clan is going to kite bears into a player’s opened base and then rebuild the walls behind them.

What if a player changed his name to entity.bear? I would do that.

Bears can go through walls just like every creature in Rust, not to mention they are expert mountain climbers.

I wait for the day when animals finally work right, have reasonably good AI, and actually actually have to abide by the same physics the players do.

Mountain climbers? They don’t climb… They jump 100ft straight up in the air. The Ai in rust is and always has been completely fucked. But I swear it’s just getting worse and worse.

It took almost ten years to see the first signs of AI in a game like Counter Strike. That’s a complicated thing and if you don’t have a dude in house specialised in the matter that’s more or less a loss of time to spend time on it.

Yeah this bears through walls crap is bad :frowning:

Hope they fix it well I hope they actually can fix all animals running away from you that can go through walls and as said jump on top of mountains and leave me in there dust :frowning:

wouldn’t it be simple to just make animals, player entities? because players cannot walk through rocks and walls. Or does this problem stem from their models?

The helicopter AI works fine. Do the same with bears.

It would be fun to have a flying bear shooting rockets out of it mouth at your base. Good times

That’s what surprises me. They pretty much hit it out of the park on the first try with the helicopter AI. It has to operate in all 3 dimensions vs 2, it has to account for multiple targets, it has to select weapons for those targets dependent on conditions (guns, rockets or napalm), and it works perfectly.

Yet, the animals are utter shit. I don’t get it.

Maybe they are just not there yet. Idk

To be fair, the helicopter doesn’t really have any rocks or trees in the sky for it to seemingly go through or instantly scale.

Agreed. But that said, the chopper does get pretty low at times when attacking. It knows to avoid towers, mountains, trees, and any other obstacle while doing its own thing. They developed a whole AI system for this and it works great on the first try.

The only thing they’ve done with animals in the last year is switch from 1 kind of dumb, unrealistic animal to another. There have been no improvements at all. It’s just a different kind of shitty every time they touch the animal AI code. The collision and physics system that should apply to the animals already exists in the game. It’s imposed on players already. Players can’t run through solid objects, can’t insta-climb vertical slopes, etc. Why this can’t be applied to or adapted to animals is beyond me.