Killed by hacker

I was in my house crafting stuff about when im posting this, and all the sudden there is this guy outside my house. He said “Im deciding if i want to kill you or not”. I shot up in my ceiling to make him go away and he blows my wall up. I quickly run upstairs into my bed room wich has a metal door. Then he just walks through the metal door without it even being open. I left and made this post after that. Hacker name: Almighty

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Might want to move this thread to the hacker thread before you get banned

But how? I just made this account on the forum and im kinda noob at it.

lol cry more little bitch

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Wtf is your problem dude?..

there should be a delete button it will delete the post

Where then??? I cant find it

bottom right I think

Nope :frowning:

edit it to ask this to post to be deleted

Actually only Gold members can delete posts, and only in the Gold Member Forum.

You could message a mod and tell him to delete the thread, or edit to have the title say -DELETE THIS- or something.