Killer 7 Character change effect.

At 2:33
Would this be possible with lua, for like playermodels or something

best voice acting evah.

i know that works on players but the vector its placed in is weird

I don’t know a thing about lua ._.

basically all it would do is change the players model while they where still alive and in the same spot, the effects probably doable but not for me.

Well, i just need the effect really, for some videos i might work on.
But thanks for the help

That guy is a gangster, just look at how he holds his gun :V

Try throwing this in your garrysmod/garrysmod/autorun/server/ folder, if it does not exist make it.

Edit it with notepad.

function ModelChange(pl, cmd, arg)
if arg[1] == nil || arg[1] == “” then return end
local mdl = arg[1]

if pl:GetModel() != mdl then

concommand.Add(“SetModel”, ModelChange)

Now just type something like [SetModel “models/players/breen.mdl”] in the console and your model will be set to the model you selected. If you get the model path wrong you will turn into a red error. You can get model paths by joining a sandbox game and right clicking on the props in the prop menu and clicking copy name or whatever it is.

I would make you something better but I’m very tired at the moment and this will work for what you want.

Thanks but, Im looking for the effect it self, Where he explodes into particles.