Killer Croc Ragdoll from Arkham Asylum

I am requesting Killer Croc from the new Bat Man game Arkham Asylum. Pics

I’ve got the statue model, which I think with the statue removed would be easy to rig up, but i’m working on other things atm

I’m getting the game, either Thursday or Friday I can get it for you if you would like, I’ve already ported Batman, Joker and Commish Gordon:

I’m planning on porting all the models over when I get the game anyway

That would be awesome, and would be greatly appreciated. If you do decided to do that, message me or something. Thank you :smiley:

alright I got the game today, and ripped almost every model from the gameI just ported Titan Joker, and Harley, but now I’m going to ragdoll Croc when I finish up on some brawl models