Killer in the dark forest

it’s way too big. looks good though.

The song just made this so much creepier.

Way too big, holy shit. but it looks nice.

That’s what she said.

I just had to.

The picture is cool, though as it was already said, it is too big.

Shouldn’t he have a frickin’ chainsaw?

Clipping with the mask and the hat stands out a lot to me, but otherwise it looks damn fine.

Lol that image is like the first thing that comes up on google for ‘dark forest’ or anything similar, I remember because I wanted a background and I spent forever staring at duplicates of that.


The top hat’s disguise mask ruins the artistic creepiness – since the hat was designed to be comedic.

The Spy’s left arm is jagged, but I’m guessing those were intended to convey a spookiness and delusional aspect to the picture.