Killer Instinct 2015

Considering the other post hasn’t been posted on in quite a while and really not many characters were ever done from this game I have started the task of exporting all the characters from Killer Instinct 2015. It’s proving to be a bit of a challenge, so far I have exported Retro Fulgore, still have so many other to do. When I am finished however I will post a link here containing all the characters and texture files.

That’s neat. If you could export Fulgore (not tetro) with the textures, I probably gonna rig it as a playermodel.

What files you get in this will be mainly kitex, and kimesh files. I’ve also included the 3DS Max scripts (3d model and bones import) and the Noesis plugin for the kitex files.

I would have taken the task of converting everything myself to proper 3d formats, but I didn’t want to mess up texturing or setting the bones up on the character.

Retro Characters!mEdUQCxI!ym7ZbbxO7MhlhV890Dy_vA

Retro Characters uploaded so far, Gargos, Fulgore, Cinder, Aria, Aganos. Keep an eye on the Mega link from time to time and more will show up. It’s taking about 20-30 minutes to upload each one. I’ll have the 2015 version characters uploaded overnight and posted here tomorrow morning. The scripts and plugins are the last thing that will be uploaded on the Retro files, however you can also find them on the Xentax forum.

your progress look very awesome! :o Good work for your working so hard! thumbs up

did you test them out to make sure their rigging is intact out of curiosity? i know a few of the models do actually break the rigging on a couple, like new Glacius, Spinal, Gargos, with Sadira outright not working. only some work.

No I really haven’t checked any of the files except for Retro Fulgore so far. For the models with messed up rigging I’ve seen members here do the rigging themselves on other models.

some are more fucked up than others - like Sadira, she has no rigging whatsoever.

All Retro Characters are finally uploaded. The Scripts-Plugins file contains the Maxscripts the the models and Noesis plugin for the textures, enjoy.

Thank you for your work!

2015 Characters


Can you please repost the links?!mEdUQCxI!ym7ZbbxO7MhlhV890Dy_vA