Killer lay down to rest

looks incredible!

I guess he’s watching Twilight :confused:

He’s like ‘‘Well, I killed the guy…now I can turn into a gay!’’

It’s nice. lol

That blanket looks really photo-realistic. Only thing that bothers me is that body lying on the floor, the blood on it looks weird due it is made with Paint tool. Anyway, nice job.

Awesome picture, but I can’t get over how much he looks like a school girl

Wow, very very good, except for the ugly blood! The pose is a bit weird and makes him look like a reaaal psycho.

Really nice work. You should have sorted out the blood decal though and made the blood splats more 3D with some shading.

Nice use of blurr.

For some reason I did not notice the curve blood

Fan-tastic bro

How can he bear the stench? Great picture btw.

What stench? It seems like you’re talking from experience … been near any dead bodies lately 0.O

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Pic’s cool, but it has a little bit of a fisheye effect, i guess you did it in order to capture all of the props though, very nice positioning

Reminded me of Deadpool. Love the prop placing.

Scene is brilliant, but the blood on the body and the blanket (as well as the weird creases that look more like gouged styrofoam) really take away from the overall quality.

Very nice, bizarre picture.

Holy shit, his hand makes his head look huge.
Good job on the image, though, it’s a shame the blood doesn’t look too good.
The blood under the dead guy looks nice, actually.