Killer Vocaloid

My first real attempt at posing, plain screenshot no filters or anything. please comment I’m new at this.

Decent angle, but you should zoom in a bit closer. Maybe even make it a vertical profile.

Everything is centered, which is ok, but can be a little boring to look at.

My main critique is Lighting. The image looks very flat with barely any shadows.

yes I very new to this and I haven’t learned how to use lighting yet. thank you for the critique. :slight_smile:

Anime girls with guns are not really popular here. But good first time though. There are plenty of tutorials about lighting that you can read.

Was expecting “Bacterial Contamination”.

A little dof might make it better. Also, it would be better without that plane. Other than that, i like angle and lights. It’s really hard to make a ragdoll with lively colours fit into a map. TF2 maps are best choice but does not always go well.