Killer whale (Orcinus orca) model

We Currently Have a Cetacean Shortage on Garry’s Mod:
Throughout my years of frequenting and, I have yet to see any made attempt towards creating/porting a (nearly) realistic porpoise, whale, or dolphin model. Whenever I do find models based on real-life animals they are usually in the form of sharks; in the form of miscellaneous fishes, reptiles, birds (however seldom), and land mammals; and dinosaurs (quite lately a lot of those have been up for download). With the amount of oceanic chordates that are already available to us, why not introduce some marine mammals into the mix? With this said, I believe getting a killer whale onto Garry’s Mod would be a great start.

The Benefits of Porting/Creating an Killer Whale Model:

  • Folks would no longer have to resort to creating Jaws-like scenarios that involve sharks going after people. Killer whales could fill in for sharks’ role of terrorizing. XD
  • May be used for adding more variety to videos/images that have to do with underwater settings.
  • Could be used for any application/purpose that’s either too stupid or too ingenious to list here.

What (Hopefully) Could be Done to Get Such a Model into GMod:
My best interest for getting a killer whale model into Garry’s Mod would be to rip one from another game - that is if one even does exist. This would be the best outcome for the situation. On the other hand, the worst-case scenario would be to create a customized model from the ground up (a choice that many of us - including myself - would rather avoid doing as much as possible).

Optional Consideration (in Case Customization Work is the Only Option):
For anyone who wishes to go the extra mile, we could make an attempt to create three variations of the model according to gender and age. For instance, one killer whale model would be rendered as an adult male while the other two would be composed as an adult female and a newborn calf respectively.

Essential Features that Should/Could be Incorporated into the Model(s):

  • Good rigging and modeling
  • Accurate skinning (in the event that a custom model must be made)
  • Moveable pectoral, dorsal, and caudal fins
  • Moveable jaw
  • *Realistic scaling according to size and weight (as would be seen in the wild/captivity)

*Please view the illustration below for a better idea of what I mean. The comparison scaling would probably be best used with your average citizen character in-game.

An Illustration (Obviously):

Average length

  • Adult male: 19 ft. - 22 ft.
  • Adult female: 16 ft. - 19 ft.
  • Newborn calf: 8.5 ft. (on average)

Average weight

  • Adult male: 8,000 lbs. - 12,000 lbs.
  • Adult female: 6,000 lbs. - 8,000 lbs.
  • Newborn calf: 300 lbs. - 400 lbs.

Again I must emphasis this: We do not have to create three separate killer whale models; it is not at all mandatory. I thought the idea of taking it on would be a nice bonus, but I would still be happy even if one model was made.

I would LOVE to have a killer whale ragdoll in GMOD. Too bad nobody bothered to make one yet.

There is a great Orca model in Sonic Generations.

Support for an amazing and lengthy. request thread.

Hope someone knows how to rip models, because I have no idea how to.

I could probably rip the Orca from Generations.

I agree. I’ve been trying to get more cetaceans for Gmod, and thankfully I got a few close friends who have made some for Gmod. Link00y made me an Orca from Sonic Next-gen:

It’s not public though, and it doesn’t have a moveable jaw. I do think the Generations model would be better though. No offence to Link00y.

I’ve been trying to request other whales for Gmod. I managed to get the Humpback Whale from Endless Ocean ported courtesy of Apoc:

and I’ve also requested the Blue Whale from the same game, though that’s been on hold for some time.

That’s fantastic! Regardless of whether or not the orca has a moveable jaw, at least it’s better than nothing. Thank you very much!

I agree with firearms 136, I don’t care if it doesnt have a moveable jaw! Can’t wait to see it put up for download! (if it will)

Did this post just die again?

Gotter have a moveable jaw IMO…
How else am I suppose to make it nom other sharks/whales/boats/people etc…

Fully rigged, just gotta do the usual physics and texture conversions and whatnot. I think I’ll try touching up the textures a bit as well. I’ll probably work on it tomorrow or so.

The only thing that doesn’t look right to me is that the white areas shouldn’t be completely white (although it could just be me). Other than that, it looks great!

Done. It’ll be included in my next Sonic Generations pack, but for now you can download it from here.

Cool! Thanks for all the trouble you had to put up with to make this possible!

I’ve also requested the Blue Whale from the same game, though that’s been on hold for some time.

I wonder why…lol (too big for server engine)

I’ve seen bigger models in Gmod work fine. This particular request is just on the backburner, and the rigging’s a bit of a long process, especially as Endless Ocean does not have the MDL0 format. If it did, you could get the original rigging intact and save yourself a lot of time, which is why porting from Wii games using the MDL0 format can be done quite quickly.

There used to be a giant dinosaurs pack and it contained whales and sharks and dinosaurs etc…