Killer7 models

Though I’ve made valiant efforts to try and learn, I have little experience with modeling. I’ve learned a lot through hours of messing around with 3DVIA Printscreen and 3ds Max, but I ultimately have to admit defeat: this is beyond me.

Ideally, I’d love to have ragdolls of the Smiths from Killer7 (and player models would be heaven-sent) with their weapons as props, but simple model rips would be fine, too. The problem is 3DVIA Printscreen and Dolphin make a huge mess of the models when I try to extract them: heads are partially recessed into bodies, there are multiple excess model meshes for some reason, and in some cases the models aren’t even solid all the way around and need to be welded back together like a puzzle. So I’m really not surprised I haven’t seen Killer7 model rips floating around.

This might be a challenge (though I don’t know how difficult it would be for someone with experience), but I think it would be worth it. Anyone interested?