Now I’ve seen this thing and I recently got an idea for my swep Kill Icon. Now I see this CSKillIcons thing (I’m guessing this is a Font) but I have no clue where it is. I checked Resource/Fonts but there is a similar thing called csd with the exact same icons there. Can anybody help me here, because I have no clue where these Fonts are located. This is what I’ve been trying to do:

[lua]killicon.AddFont(“sa_combinesniper”, “Starcraft”, “SNIPED”, Color(255, 220, 0, 255))[/lua]
It seems that it isn’t loading the Starcraft Font from my Resource/Fonts Folder. (And yes. My swep is in Addons so i placed the font in addons as well). Thanks in Advance

Please help :S

First thing I can think of asking is,
Did you spell everything correctly and/or with appropriate letter cases.
(Ex “starcraftfont” or “StarCraftFont”)

Or maybe, “SNIPED” might be to many letters for it to use as a death icon

Actually i Did spell it right and it isn’t too much letters cause i can see it for like 1 second and i turns back to the Deathmatch Font. And the other reason why i know this is possible cause i’ve seen on Fretta to say Killed and not the skull icon


Ok update I found a… bug of some sort.
When I’m not using my sniper the thing Says SNIPED and not the weird symbols. When I’m switching weapons or collecting ammo the Font gets smaller. So either my lua failed or Garry’s Mod has a new glitch

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