Killicon Help!

I’ve been working on making a swep lately every thing is going well, but i cant get my swep to have a killicon that works.

in the vmt file i have:
“$basetexture” “HUD/killicons/smg2”
“$vertexcolor” 1
“$vertexalpha” 1

in the vtf file i have my killicon.(duh)

this is the code i put in shared.lua for the kill icon:

local Color_Icon = Color( 255, 80, 0, 128 )

killicon.Add( “weapon_SMG2”, “HUD/killicons/smg2.vtf”, Color_Icon ) --Done

when i look in console it says: killicon “smg2” not found.

plz help me fix this

Wrong section. Lua and coding section mabe?