KillIcons for kermite's SWEPs

A bunch of KillIcons for every kermite SWEP so far, including the new Sniper pack.

NOTE: You will have to rename this folder (addons/kermite/lua/weapons/kermite_snip_7165P) to “kermite_snip_7165p” (no quotes) in order for the Remington Patrol Rifle icon to work. This doesn’t affect the weapon at all.

I hope you enjoy, and please leave feedback.

Finally! :smiley:

but where is the sniper pack?
i checked out a kermite’s profile but it’s not there :confused:

your link is broken
good link :

thank you very much, fixed. mutle, it was reported and removed from kermite’s page. Check his weapons pack threads, people have uploaded it to other sites.

thank you very very much!