Killicons, spawn icon help, and other questions

Trying to convert my gamemode over to GM13 and running into some issues. Examples below:

  1. Can’t seem to get the CSSKillIcons to work. Were these removed? If they were, then is there an alternative? Currently it just displays the letter or number associated with the icon.
  2. My spawn icons / model images seem to be an extremely low resolution image of the model that was blown up to the size I need, so it looks like crap. I tried looking at how Garry does spawn icons in Sandbox and he doesn’t seem to do anything special. Even his resize works fine with nothing special.
  3. I’m getting a ton of serverside errors spamming my console about IsValid(). It looks like people mentioned this in the Development forum but the only fix that was mentioned was a complete reinstall of the server which I did, but then after a level change the errors spam the console again. This makes it very difficult to debug.
  4. string.ToMinutesSeconds seems to be broken. It seems to be doing a normal rounding of the minutes and not a math.floor. Is this a known garrysmod issue or something on my end?
  5. Tooltips, drop down menus, and a few other things seem to go behind panels.

killicon.AddFont( “famas”, “CSKillIcons”, “t”, Color_Icon )

– Attempt 1
self.model = vgui.Create( “ModelImage”, self )
self.model:SetModel( “models/weapons/w_rif_aug.mdl” )
self.model:SetSize( 128, 128 )

– Attempt 2
self.model = vgui.Create( “SpawnIcon”, self )
self.model:SetModel( “models/weapons/w_rif_aug.mdl” )
self.:SetSize( 128, 128 )
self.model:SetIconSize( 128 )

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Ended up using a DModelPanel for #2 instead and then using Garry’s awesome PositionSpawnIcon() function to get the best origin, FOV, and angles.

Other issues are still unsolved.

Bumping this as I still have these problems