Killing Floor 2 Ports (GMOD & SFM)[/t]

Playable Characters’ Features:

  • Player/combine & rebel NPCs/Ragdoll models
  • 4 > 5 Skin Groups
  • L4D2 Style Face Flexes
  • Valvebiped Rigs
  • Original Proportions from KF2
  • BodyGrouped Cosmetics
  • Rig_Biped_Simple Compatible

Cosmetics’ Features:

  • 4 > 7 Skin Groups
  • Mergeable ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1 bone with a child bone that is weighted to the mesh
  • 3D glasses and Helmet have posable hinges

Steam Collections:

Currently this only consist of the playable characters and cosmetics at the moment.
Zeds are still in WIP and will be added when complete.

Progress of what’s still in WIP can be followed here:

Special Thanks to the screenshot artists that lended a hand and to make some awesome screenshots.

Fuckin’ awesome, thanks for making me part of the process man!


Great work as usual…

Amazing work you’ve done!

Awesome man you are the best!

Thanks a lot man, excellent work

Just tried these out, they are freaking amazing. Nice work!

Does it come with some Dosh?

I would drop some dosh for this.

Added Classic Masterson(Alan Wilson) and Classic Briar(Mark Hayler)

These are amazing. Wish I knew how to port stuff. :v: