Killing Floor 2 - Pre-Early Access Models

Format: PSK
Bones: YES

Includes the zeds, players and weapons[/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t]

Link! (never used mega, so hope it works)

That was quick.

Swift as always, nice work Zurf3r.

oh nice! wanted to mess around with skully and foster. Thank you!

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i have a question: to play early access version i need to pre order game or what?

stress test key from dev or other sources

oh ok then i have to wait until game will be out. Thank you!

-removing everything I’ve ever posted here-

-removing everything I’ve ever posted here-

Thank you! Gonna mess with them :slight_smile:

If I had KF2 I would have done it myself, but, if someone else wanted to do it then by all means, go ahead.

other characters will be done soon

Currently working on some Gmod ragdolls.

I was going to put them on Valve.Biped rigs and try to make them compatible with hl2 animations all while keep the proportions intact

-removing everything I’ve ever posted here-

Thanks mate. I’ll try not to age myself to hard with my lack of FP experience ^^

Also if you want I could help with shaders and material separation.

2 more done. Maybe all characters we made will have faceflexes

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At the moment I have a template about half ready for the player models. Writing the Qc for the bonecollapsing. Essicailly what this template will do is autodo the skeleton to Valve.Biped structure while keeping intach the original rigging and bones. This way we can easily put in any new character straight into the template and it would be ready to go.

Also with this method the rig will be compatible with not only hl2 rigs but also L4D2 rigs(asides from rotating the thumbs 180degrees manually)

-removing everything I’ve ever posted here-

Quick question, is there any good props in Killing floor 2 to use for scenebuilds?

FYI, I released Scully yesterday for L4D2:

The others are nearly done and they need only small fixups.