killing floor 2 static props

greetings. i was wondering if anyone could port, at least in raw format, the static props seen in the background of killing floor 2, specifically, the props and such seen in the level “biotics lab”

i myself have attempted to port said objects using umodel, but get this error when i try to export them

RawArray item size mismatch: expected 12, serialized 8

SerializeBulkArray <- UStaticMesh3::Serialize <- LoadObject:StaticMesh3’ENV_BioticsLab_MESH.ENV_BioticsLab_BreakRoom_Bar’, pos=6C10A6, ver=871/1113, game=ue3 <- UObject::EndLoad <- LoadWholePackage:ENV_BioticsLab_MESH <- CUmodelApp::ShowPackageUI <- Main:umodel_version=617