Killing Floor 2 Weapon Assets

**Download Link 1 **!yRcWxByZ!p2rff5yxZ5ioK1ILxhl_ydJ-9XShRQk7VJJHhWyNqCI

Compressed: 247 M/B
Uncompressed: 710 M/B

I decided to put together most of the Killing Floor 2 Weapon together in one big pack, mainly the First Person models since they are the most detailed and best looking when grouped to their proper textures. They’re in the format of ‘PSK’ and ready to be ported as models to anyone with the desire to. I just felt like releasing it in-case if someone wanted to play around with the assets themselves for Garrysmod, or to mod Killing Floor 2 Themselves. Other than that, here you are. And a Happy Late New Year.




Desert Eagle:

Dragon Breath:





M72 Grenade Launcher:

M9 Beretta:

AR-15 9MM:

Remington 1858:





Good job :smiley:

Good job. Do you mind using the [ t ][ /t ] tags (no spaces) on the pictures, given how big they are? They can make the OP smaller and nicer.

AR-15 sexy as fuck. Gotta play with it. Much appreciated.

Nice! Thanks man:goodjob:

No longer avalaible ?

Try this site:

Sry for bumping this but I need to get this and the link is not working anymore. Anyone has it?

They’ve been gone for a long time and I don’t plan on reuploading them.

Cmon only deagle at least, please.

If you have KF2 yourself it isn’t that hard to extract the model and texture for it.

^I don’t have!HcA0mYCS!t5RS56qqfcj1kkMwDULaEQ

No deagle, but everything else you could want.

i have KF2, but my method of extracting the things (umodel) doesent work, which is a bit of a shame as i’m not after the guns themselves, just the things in the background, a few pods here and there, maybe a pc and a desk. but oh well

Hey it’s fine if you don’t have the files. I know how to extract them. However I have a question, how did you do to extract the uncompressed normals? Everytime I want to extract most weapons’ normals, they come off compressed in 512x512.