Killing Floor characters and weapons

It’s been how long since the player pack came out? Point is, start porting. It has been WAAAAAAAY too long. Someone re-port them.

what are you on about?

I am deeply confused.

Whoops, I was raging. Killing floor.

There is a Killing Floor pack i’m sure

I’ve also ported some of the stuff from the original UT2004 Mod aswell but i’m still working on them.

Not for the DLC characters, I’ve looked everywhere.

In the pack is only the original guys and monsters. But the girl who sells you stuff isn’t there and no one has ported the DLC stuff yet.

I think Illwassa was doing the DJ guy but i’m not sure about the others. Also being polite will get you much further than saying stuff like this:

Not even a please ¬.¬

He was, months ago. No new updates from him.

Oh really?

ho my good !! O_O


Will you also do the Hazmat guy and the welder?