Killing Floor Christmas Models

Is their any way i can get them into Garrys mod? or at least a way to get them into a 3d modeling program.


P.S. Sorry if this goes in a different section.

Yeah, I could port some models. What models were in your mind?

Someone’s working on them already :smiley: just wait patiently.

I think he means all of them, the specimens and the new survivors.

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Speaking of which, could someone give the ported londons finest and pyros face posing and finger posing?

Doesn’t this belong in the request area?

The Reindeer Santa gingerbread men and the rest thats about it.

Can’t forget the Christmas Stalkers now, can you?

Waiting patiently for the gmod models. Following the thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been a year. Have fun with that.

port the new weapons,like the M4,the 44 magnum and the claymore sword,maybe even the the M4 with the
M203 attatched to it…

ok,someone rated my last comment as “late”,are the christmas models ported already? or is someone stupid enough just to rate my comment as late,if the christmas models are ported already,then can someone show me a link to them?

You’re late because it’s been a month since the last post.

oh…fuck,i didnt notice the little message over chilean_wolf’s comment saying “3rd January 2012”…im new to facepunch