Killing Floor Custom- Clot Soldiers; Clot military guys with military gear and the like

Hello there and welcome to Ninja and McTbone’s release of the not well known Clot Soldiers that Ninja generously made for me!

Images of the damned soldiers

Credits already:
Hacking/rigging/all that beautiful stuff - Ninja Nub
Original clot model - Tripwire Interactive
Soldier gear and shit - Treyarch
Original idea - McTbone


If you upload this to workshop you copy this entire OP and give proper credits or I will detach your skull using a nuclear-atomic-biologically powered fishing pole

But seriously, if you do upload atleast include the credits part. I think these are on valve biped so you can make some shit NPCs and Playermodels for your roleplay servers or something I honestly don’t know what people do anymore.

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I’m not uploading to workshop because VALVe somehow doesn’t know how to make it easy

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jvanover dont you steal this models or i swear to god that trilby is going up somewhere you dont want it

CaN I gEts playermodels Of Them So I Can Use Them On My RP Server?!?!??!?!?

This some Iron Maiden up in this hizzy.

i mean if you want to go onto a server and RP as an acid bath war vet sure

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oh fuck i forgot to mention the bodygroups

there is a bodygroup for the helmet on/off

and a bodygroup for the boots on/off

why no bodygroup for the chest rigs?

i think ninja had a problem with the chest rigs so we had to make do with this

Fair enough.

This is AMAZING.

wtf why are they not playermodels lol… yu cant’ even do anything with raggdolls

also feel free to share the screenshots you made with these in this thread!

where do i put the lua folder?

oh fuck theres a lua folder??

Something quick i whipped up.