Killing Floor friend photos

Thunderflare-loves Berserker and uses the Katana and Axe alot.

Rusheo Minoto-loves the Medic but prefers dual pistols when he isn’t healing people.

Garrus Vakarian-Ironically he loves to be the Sharpshooter when he plays, but perfers dual MK23-but I used NT pistols as a sub.

Jonichio Ver’kian-LOVES Demolitions a lot, but I sadly didnt have an MGL stlyed launcher on hand, so I made due with the M79 instead.

Arenax Seventhian (aka me)- loves the Support SPecialist and Commando, loves the AA12, and the M4 and or FAL

I just decided to do these for my friends and myself. They loved what I made for them. Thoughts?

They’re…kind of boring an generic. Just a bunch of guys in front of a single light source. Nothing really interesting about it.

They’re just meant to be kinda like portrait or profile picture formats. I thought I’d be cool to make some.

Like it?

Posing is pretty decent, but some of the textures look like absolute shit.

Not thread worthy in my book.

Potrait screenies are my thing, a single light source isn’t the best way to do things, take my Vader screen from awhile back,

I don’t really get why you used those models and not the Killing Floor models. I guess these pictures are cool if just for portraits or display pictures, but not really thread worthy I agree. Something like all of you posing similar to this but in the middle of London with a horde of zombies in the background - that would be cool.

I’m not the one who made the MArines. Romka and his associates were.
The textures are textures. I don’t know how to make my own stuff alright?

You could edit the textures in Photoshop.

I’m not saying that its your fault that the textures are bad,but its your fault for using the models with bad textures for your screenshots, they ruin the whole picture.

@ JP: I don’t have Photoshop.
@Masterfgh: There are no other “good” marine models I can find. I can’t search Faceunch at all due to not being a gold member. The viper 's operators/mw2 guys are cool too, but its the SAME guy everytime…it ruins it by doing that.

Give em a try

PFFT HAHAH CS:S models? Don’t make me laugh. The only good models of CSS I’ve seen were those FBI guys being owrked on in the hacks/ports/model viewer thread by…I belive its Bloocobalt.
Thanks for the effort though.