Killing Floor Horizon Hazmat

A reskin of the Aperture hazmat to look like the new Hazmat character, Dr. Gary Glover, in Killing Floor.
Original Model by Spartan117ak

Nice reskin, Also, where can I get that spy/citizen reskin?

It’s a skin i’m working on

Nice one.
That spy looks good.

Nice! Also, you were planning on releasing the Spy/citizen dude, right?

I like it better than the original.

Try Grigori into the heavy :v:



It would be awesome if you also made the other classes, BLU versions of the classes, and realistic versions of their weapons, including the sentries and dispensers and stuff. Or maybe just the RED and BLU classes and the weapons. Still would be pretty cool, though. :biggrin:


I would but i can only do so much until i need a modellers help
Also i don’t think there’s a single post in this thread that’s not talking about the TF2 skins :wink:

Cool. This is sort of off topic, but did you ever finish that Civilian skin I requested?

Ya i have it somewhere i’ll see if i can find it

who’s gonna be scout?

This thread is now about realistic TF2 skins.

The skin is exelent!
I can’t tell if those are normals or if it’s just part of the skin.

Anyway, good job.

if its making realistic tf2 there should be 2 versions real life military uniforms like the heavy in vdv uniform or whats so ever…tf2/real style

Except that the textures are taken from that guy.

Can’t wait to see your take on a realistic Pyro. Also, pretty good reskin of the Hazmat.

SAS Pyro.