Killing Floor Models

Ive seen the world models of guns, enemys, and soldier,s but why no v_models? is it so so so hard to not port them to source?

The way they ported them is by using 3D Ripper DX, so what you get when you get the model from the frame you screenshot is a mass of all the models that were on the screen at the time, I would have thought it would be quite hard to find the actual point at which the you were looking, where the v_models would be, if they were even captured.

However it would be quite easy if UModel supported Killing Floor, but it does not.

theres gotta be a plugin somewhere… Although kf seems to have Anti Aliasing, wich isnt in UT2004

Nope no plug-in. Unmodel is the only program I know of that can extract intact animation data, and is much easier to use to extract models, (only with Unreal Engine games though) but as theres no support for it it doesn’t work on KF (As i’ve tried).

As I said above the models themselves might be in the captured scene by 3D Ripper DX but you’d have to ask Nexus about that.

What? You can port from Killing Floor. You can export to .OBJ in the map editor.

Can you? didn’t know that. Thanks ^^

Hmmmmmmmmm so is this possible…?