Killing Floor Players

Player Models of all the players from killing floor. Major thanks to


for the ports so next time you see him give him a firm slap on the behind and a big thumbs up :D.

For fleshpound player and zombie replacement go here:

All the KF models:

Holy awesomeness! This are great!

A what now D:…

also just place Tripwire Interactive, Killing Floor for the credits tho.

Great work, as usual.

Surprised they didn’t mess up, hurf durf

The npc animation are just the same as player i guess.


They usually do :v:

nooo!!! link doesent work!!

How did Nexus_Elite get at the models? I couldn’t get umodel to extract them :frowning: (some sort of line error occured)

You could export them as .OBJ, if I remember.

Don’t mean for the mean bump, but the download link in the OP is busted. Anyone got a working one?

I would download this if you add ragdolls/the characters from the buyable pack.

Aw…no DJ Scully and the Agent dude.

DJ Scully is a awesome playermodel you asshole.

If i were an admin, i’d permaban you for abusive bump + stupidity + flaming

But well, i am not.

And no DJ scully has been released yet.


any alternate downloads?

just pm half dead about don’t reply old threads man