Killing Floor Promo Pic - WARNING may suck

this is a pic i tinkered around with, i know the SCAR muzzle flash may be a little off. Let me know what you think. 3 pics, 2 with logo but different styles, and one without the logo.

thanks for looking

Pretty much.
Editing is balls.
Posing is… well, you could be significantly worse.
You do well with posing.

“Editing is balls.” as in bad?


thanks, ill try and work on that


Posing is nice but the editing needs work :slight_smile:

The muzzleflashes could be better, but it’s far from sucking. Believe me, I’ve seen worse renditions of the same concept. Your posing is pretty good as well, but I’m not quite sure how Mr. Foster is supposed to be crouched, he looks like he’s about to fall over.

One last thing I noticed: Nobody has a shadow. At all. It’d definitely look better if you did some lighting edits, but it’s no big deal. Overall, nicely executed, it’d be a very good shot if it had some fine tuned editing! :smile:

Posing is alright but you gotta work on your editing.

which part of the editing? the SCAR muzzle flash? or the fleshpound and clot gun wound?

Guys don’t tell him to improve his editing.

You should nail posing, camera angles and all the in-game stuff before even thinking about editing.

Hey man at least you can edit that’s a good start the posing is nice.

I like the posing on the subjects, but Mr. Foster looks weird. Muzzleflash isn’t very good, aswell. You’re almost there, though.

did you draw yellow blobs and use the smudge tool to make those muzzle flashes?

yeah, you caught that?

That won’t get you anywhere in Screenshot postings bud, try practicing editing more, and get more tutorials.
Then when you think your REALLY ready (get some friends in FP and show it to them, get their feedback you can ask me too :P) post them up.

Who in Hell are you?
If you wanna make friends, make friends with people that actually know this community, not this guy.