Killing floor screenshot
What do you guys think.
I would really like some c&c, I wana get better at this it’s fun.

I like. I don’t think the editing as bad, neither great but overall, pretty good one. Nice job.


Damn, pretty cool looking. How did you get the clot ragdoll to have no limbs? Photoshop, inflator, or own ports?


Oh nice, it actually looks like there from the game

Thanks for the replys guys!

Woh I completely forgot it was made with Garry’s Mod there =S
Great job =D

Thanks, exactly what i was going for.

Could you please upload it somewhere else and in .jpeg ?

I cant see shit!

thats the way it is in killing floor, and i never understand what anyone means when they say that you can’t even see the bright middle part cause thats all your sopposed to see unless you like to see walls.

there diffrent site and jpeg

how come noone posts and whats with the disagree and dumb ratings.

This is BADASS !

can anyone tell me if this is background worthy.

quite background worthy.