Killing Floor: Steampunk Mr. Foster

Name: Killing Floor: Steampunk Mr. Foster

Description: Are you ready to download Steampunk Mr. Foster’s STEAM PUNK DIGS!?

Requirements: Garrysmod


  • Tripwire Interactive
  • Ellis :P|KiddyCorky (Me): Several re-rigged parts. Better physics (I hope.).
  • Splinks (From For actually porting, rigging the model.


Does not have multiple useless gears, 0/10 would not download again.

Well, S. Mr. Foster never had Gears on him…and you probably have no idea what Killing Floor is…
KF has the Summer DEVOTED to Steampunk Awesomeness.

They were making a joke, dude. And I doubt that they don’t know what Killing Floor is, considering that they have the game on their Steam account. :v:

There are more than one Lt_C? :tinfoil:

We’ll never tell…