Killing Floor Steampunk Pack and Circus Freaks

If anyone is up to it, I would like the Steampunk Character Pack (+Steampunk Foster) along with the Circus Freaks from the Summer Sideshow Event to be ported into Gmod!

And who doesn’t want an Incredible Man Monkey???

Your work will make me happy and maybe many other people who want this ported! But of course, please enjoy the Summer Sideshow event!

I support,
But you know how to Have them in game?
Killing Floor I mean

You get them for the 3 Steam Summer Sale tickets.

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Support this too by the way.

i support but don’t forget the clown and the other freaks!

Bet Nexus will do 'em.

I love the Mechanical Man and his fire obsession… I support this port.

Got the player models in .obj format.

I cant get them ingame, but ill PM them to anyone interested.

If I could find the players I could get them already rigged
Edit: I can’t find them. I’m not that motivated but I’ll see about getting the Circus Freaks

You can now buy them from Steam since Tripwire released them just a few minutes ago with an achievement bug fix. (I can finally get my Steampunk Foster!)

Nice to see a bit of progress on these already, btw.

Sorry, i fell aleep.

I have Foster, and the 4 characters models in .obj, with their textures, in a zip file.

Let me know if you want them. The link is here infront of me.

Ok, so we got the characters… what about the freaks? D:

Does that answer your question?
Edit: Since I’m lazy I’ll probably just get the textures and the models and post a link in this thread for anyone that wants to create the physics mesh and compile them

Adding this with the xmas KFs ones then.

Do you have the Xmas specimens nexus? They removed them from the files from what I see

and don’t forget the Post guys, London’s finest, Steampunk, the Pyro, and Santa

Ya i do, i back everything before they did, as well as the summer one.

And the dlc too. Going to take longer because of the faces.

Good to hear, you should get all the characters without faces done first (Steampunk, the Chav,the PostMortem Medic, and whatever Xmas and summer specimens don’t have faces)

I am, The faces, i need to recreate inside mouths for them.

Well whatever you do, its gonna be awesome

I can’t sleep this night. Thanks for that creepy monkey.