Killing Floor surviors (Not everyone) know the best place where they can get a lot of money

It’s is Hakurei Shrine

Map link

If you dont know what is Hakurei Shrine,Then ask Google

Hakurei sounds much like random japanese animation.
map sucks.

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wait. map doesn’t suck.
just ragdolls don’t blend with map

Touhou is a game.

touhou is also bad

unfortunately like your image, put more effort into the posing and angle choice next time

Sadly , i cant delete this Theard

you dont have to, it’s a good learning process haha

How come this have more than 2000 views in only 12 hours?

How did this thread get on my Read Threads list? I never browse this section.

Garry must have thought it was such an amazing picture that you deserved to see it.

It comes up in peoples read list and they click it

Oh man it’s a Christmas nightmaricle.

“It’s an amazing piece of art and very entertaining!”

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It sucks.

what the fuck is going on?

how does one pose so Goddamn Bad.

Oh god my sides

surviors :v:

I didn’t read this, why does FP think I did.

Thread music, anyone?

Not this one, TCB… Not this one.