Killing floor-The Patriarch.

I’ve downloaded all 2 of the killing floor gmod packs, i own and play killing floor regularely, and yet it bothers me that nearly all of the survivors and specimens have been ported (except postmortem) and yet this guy, who’s been in it since the beginning (of the retail version), atleast i think, hasnt been ported.
This is basicly a request for him to be ported, oh, and nexus elite, if you’re working on him and the postmortem guys, i’ll have a mod close this thread.

I honestly didn’t like working on him because of of many bodygroup i have to do, and his minigun is higher poly than him too. But feel free if someone else want to do it. Like i said, i’ll be working on it with the postmortem guys.

Still, looks like he’d make someone piss themselves.

Dat moustache.

Illwasa ported him a while ago but it was never released

Wait… but…
kcuf eht tahw??

I was about to request the same thing. I wanna make a video with him telling someone “One in the pipe!”

Someone should really do this. Support.