Killing Floor: Twisted Christmas Models Request

Hey FP community.

I know that people are already working on the Summer Sideshow Event, and that this is a bit early due to it being July as of now. But i’m wondering if anyone can port the Christmas models from last years update.

As far as I know, Tripwire disabled the sounds for them, but i’m not sure about the models themselves.
If so, I think someone who made this mutator probably regains the access previously locked away.
I mean, from my perspective, the Robot Claus itself is worthy of a port.
“All of the Children asleep in their beds. BLEEDING PROFUSELY, FROM WOUNDS IN THEIR HEADS!”

Not even a show of interest?

I think Nexus is doing them.

Damn. I should’ve payed attention to the comments in that thread.

Thanks, mate.