Killing Floor - wallpaper 1680x1050 (WARNING* IT'S HUGE)


If I had never played Killing Floor and I’d saw this pic I would think that its a musical.
I mean, the soldier looks like he is singing and the dudes around him are dancing.

Muzzleflash is weird too, looks like a lens flare.

Maybe it is a musical !? I never said it’s something serious. And about that muzzleflash, yes it’s a lens flare. I kinda rushed with the image, but I wanted to practice a bit.

Cool, a killing floor musical, I would pay to see that, thanks for clearing that out.

Now, you gave me ideas :smiley: another one is coming lol

Its rather good I must say. The soldier is fucked however.

Though, upload to rather than imageshack. Imageshack is slow!

Changed to Anyway, here’s the second one :smiley:

Why did you use that lens flare as a muzzleflash, looks like he’s casting a spell or something.

I wasn’t pleased with the one I did, so I used a lens flare from photoshop. I guess it still looks retarded :stuck_out_tongue:

Too much bloom and contrast.

Also, this isn’t 2004 - the pictures aren’t that big.

posing looks really bad honestly,and the clots are obviously duped

Killing Floor - The musical!!

“It’s like Grease with zombies” - Ted Turner

“Hot damn that was the funniest comedy I have ever seen, wait it was a horror musical?” - **Nostalgia Critic
“Two genres should NEVER be crossed, this is a perfect example” - Armake21

The second picture is bloody hilarious.

Look at the scrakes(?) in the back. What the…?




>implying Killing Floor the Musical would be serious.

Lrn2 Evil Dead The Musical.